Welcome to The Environment Show, a leading podcast and blog on sustainability and the environment.

What we’re about
The Environment Show features interviews with environmental leaders, important environmental issues, innovative solutions to big environmental challenges, how you can find work in the environment, travel to pristine natural places, reviews of environmental films and books, and a guide to environmental events.

We do our best to avoid preaching about the environment and getting bogged down in the minutiae. Our aim is to tackle the big issues and to showcase the best, most inspiring innovations – to make the environment interesting and accessible, as it should be.

Where we came from
Phil Stubbs, the Show’s producer, started out doing environmental current affairs stories and then a half-hour program for Radio 2ser in Sydney. Those stories became podcasts streamed via the iTunes store.

The Environment Show has been the leading independent podcast in the environment section of iTunes in Australia for many years. It’s also reached number 4 in the ‘news and politics’ section in Australia.

Where we’re going
We’ll be incorporating more multi-media, including videos and photos, in future. (If you have multi-media skills and a passion for the environment, we’re interested in contributors.)

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Feedback welcome
We’re interested in your feedback, contributions and ideas on the environment. You can post a comment on this blog or one of our other online platforms.

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Contact details
Email: theenvironmentshow@gmail.com

Stay tuned. Loads more to come.

2 responses to “About

  1. Jim Featherby

    Hi. I couldn’t stand to see that you don’t have any comments yet so I just had to give you one. I havn’t heard the podcasts yet, they are downloading now, I’m just impressed that you are devoting yourselves to the environment. Too many people are taking our planet for granted and taking more than they can put back. Good luck with the show. I’ll listen, and tell you what I think,….maybe next week.
    Regards, Jim.

  2. paul brock

    great work, keep it up, its what we need now if we want a future

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