Bicycles v cars: Adam Spencer on city commuting

Adam Spencer cycling advocate and ABC presenter

You may know Adam Spencer as a presenter of ABC Radio in Sydney and from ABC TV. But did you know he cycles everywhere and hardly ever drives?

In the lead up to ‘Ride to Work Day’, Adam goes into bat for the bike. In fact, in this interview he says what he really thinks of the constant hoo-haa about building more roads and tunnels in our cities. And doing the traffic report when you don’t drive a car.

Audio: Listen to our interview with Adam Spencer on why the bike is better.

Video: Adam Spencer also has a gentle word about the price of petrol.

Adam initially started cycling to loose weight. (Do you remember the pudgey comedian of the nineties?) But once he started, he got hooked. Now he uses his bike as his vehicle of choice.

This coming Wednesday is National Ride to Work Day. The aim of the day is to raise the profile of the humble bicycle as a way of commuting and encourage newcomers to try it out.

On the eve of the day we thought we’d let Adam put the case.

Not convinced of the advantages? How about a free breakfast to encourage you to give it a go? There are free breakfasts all over the country for people who take part in Ride to Work Day. One of the Sydney ones is at Hyde Park South.

Useful links: The Ride to Work Day website has more information about the day. (They’re keen for people to register so they can keep track of the numbers.)

Photo: Adam Spencer, cycling advocate and sometime ABC presenter, at Live Earth. Shot by James Kirsop.

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  1. I do quite a bit of cycling myself while training for triathlons. There are some roads where I live where it can be pretty scary to ride on. It certainly can help if cyclists are kept in mind during the urban planning stage. If planners can accommodate cyclists, it can certainly help to encourage greener transpiration options for residents. Thanks for the post.

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