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Do we need desalination when rain goes down the drain?

Is desalination the answer to the water shortages in Australian cities when we waste so much water? Or do we need the desal “insurance policy” for our water supply as the politicans say?

I spoke with Kate Noble, sustainable cities campaigner for the Australian Conservation Foundation, to find out. Listen to the desalination interview with Kate Noble.

Many state governments in Australia are well on the way to building desalination plants. The New South Wales and Victorian governments are forging ahead and the Western Australian government already has its plant in operation.

Why won’t the government seriously back rainwater tanks?

Bucketloads of water went down the drain in the last few weeks here. Wouldn’t it be good if people collected it? Isn’t that water better than any stuff that might be recycled from poo. Or taken from the ocean? Or pumped from a dam with an algal bloom in it?

I spoke to Sam McGuiness from the Nature Conservation Council to find out why governments won’t seriously get behind rainwater tanks. I mean so we’ve all got one and we stop loosing good water we’re going to need in the near future. Listen to the water tank interview with Sam McGuiness.