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Why won’t the government seriously back rainwater tanks?

Bucketloads of water went down the drain in the last few weeks here. Wouldn’t it be good if people collected it? Isn’t that water better than any stuff that might be recycled from poo. Or taken from the ocean? Or pumped from a dam with an algal bloom in it?

I spoke to Sam McGuiness from the Nature Conservation Council to find out why governments won’t seriously get behind rainwater tanks. I mean so we’ve all got one and we stop loosing good water we’re going to need in the near future. Listen to the water tank interview with Sam McGuiness.

Byron Bay: nature has more in store

Ever been to Byron Bay? I have, just recently. And each year hordes of international visitors and Australians go there. Why wouldn’t you? Nature has carved out one of the most brilliant, beautiful coastal niches in the world.

But most visitors would be oblivious to the fact nature hasn’t quite finished its work there. And with climate change, it may be working overtime to bring some changes which may be a tad unwelcome – particularly for the rich folk who’ve built their designer houses right on the sand dunes. I spoke to Australia’s leading coastal expert Professor Bruce Thom (of the Wentworth Group of Scientists) to explore what nature has in store for Byron. Listen to the Byron Bay – Bruce Thom interview.

An important listen if you’re going to spent some time at Byron in the future.