Is peak oil more urgent than climate change?

In this interview I speak with Bruce Robinson, Convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil. (ASPO is a leading international group of concerned scientists on the issue.)

Bruce says governments should be informing people and preparing our economies now for peak oil, the inevitable declining rate of oil production.
Listen to the podcast interview with Bruce Robinson (from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil.)

One response to “Is peak oil more urgent than climate change?

  1. Roger Brewster

    Al Gore in his speech on 17 July, challenging America to convert all electricity generation to carbon free sources within 10 years, has an answer to both peak oil and climate change.

    However, although climate skeptics can point to the somewhat nebulous predictions for global warming and sea level rise, the peaking of oil production and rapidly rising fuel demand is a certainty that is beyond doubt.

    Climate change and oil depletion are like the Twin Towers waiting to fall on an unprepared world. But adaptation to peak oil is more urgent and demands radical changes to every aspect of our lifestyle and urban development. The use of oil must be prioritised to create the hardware necessary for the transformation to a post oil economy and alternative energy production.

    We cannot continue to hide our petrol heads in the oil sands.

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