We’ve started to compile a list of true leaders in the environment and sustainability – along with useful links. If you think there’s someone who deserves to be on this list, you’re welcome to suggest them in the comment box below.

Also check out these recent news articles on other environmental leaders.

Al Gore
Time article
What wikipedia says
Al’s blog
‘An Inconvenient Truth’ film site
Video – Trailer for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’
Video – Al on the Letterman Show (4 min)
Al Gore’s latest slide show (29 min)

Janine Benyus
Time article
What wikipedia says
Janine’s site
Video – Janine explains biomimicry (4 min)
Video – Janine describes how biomimicry can be used (4 min)

Amory B Lovins
Time article
The Guardian article – ‘What I know’
What wikipedia says
Amory’s ‘Rocky Mountain Institute’
Download Amory’s book ‘The Oil End Game’ for free
Video – Intro to how helping the environment helps profits (7 min)
Video – Amory’s new car concept (7 min)
Video – The oil end game lecture (19 min)
Video and article – Interview with Popular Mechanics (3 minutes)

Paul Hawken
Article – Interview with Wired mag
Book review – The Ecology of Commerce
What wikipedia says
Paul’s site
Natural Capitalism site
Video – The new environment movement (6 minutes)

Bob Brown
SMH article ‘How green is Brown’s valley?’
What wikipedia says
Bob’s site and ‘bobcasts’
Video – Bob on his past and our future (3 min)

David Suzuki
Time article
What wikipedia says
David Suzuki’s site
Video – David talking about his life (53 min)
Video – David on Paris Hilton (1 min)

Jan Gehl
SMH article ‘Getting Sydney on its feet’
What wikipedia says
Jan’s site
Video – Jan talking about the changes in Copenhagen (3 min)
Video – Jan’s lecture for the City of Sydney (75 min)

Tim Flannery
Time article
What wikipedia says
Video – Tim in conversation with WWF (10 minutes)
Video – Tim on what we can do (3 min)

Shi Zhengrong
Time article
SMH article – ‘Arise the sun king’
What wikipedia says
Suntech solar energy site
Video – CNN business report (2 min)
Video – Shi Zhengrong’s background, achievements and plans (9 minutes)

Ray Anderson
Time article
Ray’s bio
What wikipedia says
Video – Why and how Ray’s company changed (9 min)
Video – New York Times interview (5 min)

Paul Watson
SMH – cheeky opinion piece from Watson
Sea Shepherd site
Watson’s biography
What wikipedia says
Watson’s blog
Phil’s interview with Watson (after he’d rammed a whaling ship)
Video – What is Sea Shepherd trying to do? (5 min)
Video – Sea Shepherd music clip (5 min)

James Lovelock
Time article
Guardian article – ‘Enjoy life while you can’
Rolling Stone article – ‘The prophet of climate change’
Times article – ‘Fiddling while the Earth burns’
What wikipedia says
James’s site

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