National Surfing Reserves: Australia recognises its iconic surf sites

Lennox Head locals and the National Surfing Reserves Australia Committee

Not that long ago, surfing was seen as a renegade sport in Australia. In the early 60’s, surfers were even required to have a license to use some beaches. Just how far things have come can be seen in the establishment of a number of ‘National Surfing Reserves’ in recent years.

Audio: Interview with Andrew Short on Australia’s Surfing Reserves.

These reserves recognise the iconic nature of the sites and the special bond surfers have with them. In New South Wales they’ve been gazetted under state law.

The following places have been designated as Surfing Reserves so far: Maroubra, Angourie, Lennox Head, Crescent Head, Cronulla and Bell’s Beach.

Useful links: This article by Neil Lazarow goes into more detail. It’s entitled ‘What is a Surfing Reserve and why should surfers care about them?’ And here’s the official spiel from the NSW government on National Surfing Reserves.

Photo: Lennox Head locals and the National Surfing Reserves Australia committee. Lennox was recognised earlier in the year. (The point break, just below here, ‘goes off’ when there’s big swell.)

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