Interest in sustainable housing goes through the roof!

The number of ‘sustainable houses’ is growing worldwide. And if you’re interested in making your place more sustainable, the best way to get going is to see one in action.

But where are they? This weekend is Sustainable House Day (which in fact runs Saturday and Sunday) when some of Australia’s best sustainable houses will be open to the public.

Audio: Interview with Judy Celmins from Sustainable House Day.

Sustainable houses cleverly manage energy, water and waste. Some drawing no electricity from the grid, no water from the mains and generating next to no waste.

There’s not many around. But they’re certainly growing. There’s probably even one near you. So go and check them out.

Links: The Sustainable House Day website has the houses that’ll be open, where they are and their features.

Article: Recent story from the Sydney Morning Herald on sustainable housing.

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