The new carbon emissions trading scheme: will it be choked by competing ambitions?

A carbon emissions trading scheme is coming soon. In 18 months in fact. But what will it look like?

It seems the two majors parties are heading for a showdown on the shape of it. And thrown into the mix is a newly configured senate. A strange assortment of new powerbrokers – The Greens, Family First and Mr X – may well determine the new scheme’s fate.

This segment came out of our regular review of key environment news. Each week we speak to one of the country’s leading environmental journalists to find out what’s happening. This week, we talk to Ben Cubby, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Chief Environment Reporter. Listen to The Environment Show’s interview on the latest carbon trading scheme news.

4 responses to “The new carbon emissions trading scheme: will it be choked by competing ambitions?

  1. ian hilliar

    dear phil,over the last 800,000years co2 has never caused temperature increases,but has always followed temperature by about 800 years.And for those concerned about increasing co2 or temperature changes,be reassured that the reefs formed in th devonian period.Any idea what atmospheric co2 levels were in the Devonian?Try 10x current levels.I think the current government feels that theycan make more money selling carbon indulgences than the previous incumbents made from the GST. Do yourself a favour and read up on the Copenhagen Consensus,which was funded by the danish goverment and the Tuborg foundation.You will be better informed ,though possibly none the wiser.

  2. Kevin Rudd was interviewed on the ABC Insiders program on Sunday 6/7 and seemed to be saying that petrol will be “in” but there would be compensation for low-income families.

  3. Dear Ian,

    Debate is a good thing. But let me just pose this to you:


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