The time to act is now: a clever commercial on climate change (and an event for your calendar)

Check out this video which reminds us how easy it is to make noises about climate change. But what about doing something about it?

Here in Australia the Rudd government initially talked up the importance of dealing with climate change but then committed to relatively small cuts in Greenhouse gas emissions.

Now a groundswell of community action groups are rallying to put pressure on the government to do more.

Two hundred community action groups from around the country are coming together in the nation’s capital Canberra for a climate action summit from 31 January to 3 February. The event will culminate in a peaceful protest at Parliment House on the 3rd. Word has it they intend to form a human chain around Parliment House. Tuesday the 3rd is the first sitting day of Parliment following the summer break, so you can expect this story to be all over the news then.

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If you want more info or want to get involved in the Canberra protest, go to There’s also more in our events section.

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Video credit:
Time to Lead! (Time to Lead is a collaborative campaign from the Climate Action Network, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and WWF in Europe.)

One response to “The time to act is now: a clever commercial on climate change (and an event for your calendar)

  1. We’ve heard much discussion about what role, if any, Australia should play in tackling climate change. Kevin Rudd planned to go to Copenhagen armed with Australia’s economic-based plan to tackle the problem – the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) – but political jockeying oiled by the well funded and orchestrated sceptics camp, in bed with industry determined to avoid responsibility, turned the debate into something akin to a comic tragedy.

    As a result, we stalled on setting a market price for carbon.

    We stalled the economic viability and vast commercial opportunities in the renewable energy market in Australia.

    We stalled the potential for local innovation and green jobs…

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