Walk against warming (and for a green economy)

Walk against global warming (and for a clean, green economy)

The ‘Walk Against Warming‘ is on again this Saturday the 15th of November. It’s organised by a coalition of green groups and it’s no small thing. Last year there were 80,000 people in Sydney and Melbourne alone and thousands more in other places around Australia.

Yes people are aware of global warming already, but this is a chance to let the pollies know now is the time to transform our economy into a clean, green one. And be amongst heaps of other people who feel the same way.

Useful links: Walk Against Warming website shows where and when it’s on.

Video: Watch this 2007 Walk Against Warming video, including speech by Bob Brown. Shows the mood for change on the issue of climate change – two weeks before the ousting of the conservative government.

Photo: The Walk Against Warming in Sydney, courtesy of Erland Howell from the Nature Conservation Council.

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