What is carbon trading and can it work?

How do we go about reducing our carbon emissions? Increasingly we’re hearing about carbon trading, but what exactly is carbon trading, aren’t there schemes running already, do they work, and what’s the best configuration for Australia?

Phil Stubbs spoke to Matt Dever from Emit Environmental Brokers to find out.

For a fuller explanation, I’ve added this link to a video interview with Dr Andrew Sentance who was formerly the Head of Environment for British Airways. It was produced by Warwick iCAST and can be found on YouTube.

Dr Andrew Sentance

And for more on the European carbon trading system (which is well down the track), there’s a link below to a video prepared by European channel EUX.TVand loaded to YouTube.

Europe carbon trading system

One response to “What is carbon trading and can it work?

  1. dr ian hilliar

    it doesnt matter how much money we spend on carbon cap and trade schemes or on carbon taxes of any kind.If Australia was able to stop all production of co2 tomorrow,our emissions would be more than made up by china and india.Now, if our “pollution” was cooling the planet,and decreasing the co2 available to the environment[it is plant fertiliser]that might be a criminal act.the Europeans have fallen into all kinds of problems with their carbon trading,but I’m convinced our politicians are smarter than theirs.Are you not,also?

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